Three Ways to Launch Your Career During a Pandemic

Posted on May 28, 2020

Have you or someone you know had their employment affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Do you worry finding a new job or advancing in your current career is impossible right now? Businesses across the state of South Dakota are searching for candidates to fill open vacancies. This means right now is an excellent time to make plans for a new career or advancement, and Career Launch SD is here to help.

Read on for three ways to launch your career now.

1. Make a Plan

You don’t have to make career decisions alone. A Career Advisor can work one-on-one with you to develop a plan that will help you reach your career goals. Through career exploration, direct engagement with employers, professional development, and informed decision making, Career Launch SD can help you find the most direct path to meaningful employment that works for you.

2. Review Your Resume and Career Goals

A good resume can go a long way. And luckily, Career Launch SD offers professional guidance and assistance for drafting a resume tailored to the position(s) you’re actively seeking. Whether you are starting from scratch or polishing an existing resume, Career Advisors can help you develop a resume that stands out from the crowd. If you don’t have a resume, or your resume is less than perfect, connect with Career Launch SD today to ensure you have a resume that shines.

3. Start Job Hunting

Hunt for jobs with purpose. Once you have identified the types of careers you want to pursue, a Career Advisor will help you sift through the thousands of listings to find the ones that work best for your skills, interests, and needs. Anyone can post a job on most online job search platforms, including posting jobs that are scams from less than reputable organizations. Career Advisors can assist you in using the SDWORKS job search platform which screens every listing. Career Launch SD is proud of its vast connections with employers in all sectors to help you connect with the job of your dreams

This pandemic won’t last forever, and by taking advantage of the resources Career Launch SD has to offer during this unprecedented time, you’ll be prepared when life goes back to normal. Contact a Career Advisor at Career Launch SD and benefit from all the resources available.