national career readiness certificate

Workplace Success

The National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC™) is an industry-recognized, portable, evidence-based credential that certifies skills necessary for workplace success. This credential is used across all sectors of the economy and verifies the following cognitive skills:

• Problem Solving

• Critical Thinking

• Reading and using work-related text

• Applying information from workplace documents to solve problems

• Applying mathematical reasoning to work-related problems

• Setting up and performing work-related mathematical calculations

• Locating, synthesizing and applying information presented graphically 

WorkKeys Assessments


Applied Math

Measures critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving techniques for situations that actually occur in today’s workplace.
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Graphic Literacy

Measures skills that people use when they read and comprehend graphical materials to solve work-related problems.
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Workplace Documents

Measures skills that people use when they read real workplace documents and use that information to make job-related decisions and solve problems.
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