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Preston: Youth Work Experience Success Story

June 22, 2022

Preston: Youth Work Experience Success Story

Preston, a Hanson High School student, came to the Department of Labor and Regulation (DLR) Job Service office in Mitchell with concerns he would be unable to graduate high school.

Working with his principal and DLR, Preston began a program through the school allowing him to attend classes part time and work part time to gain job skills and create a work history.

Preston and his DLR Employment Specialist identified goals for him to obtain his high school diploma while gaining work experience at the same time. Preston worked eight to 10 hours a week as a welder at New Standard Fabricators LLC in Alexandria.

Preston qualified for DLR services, so his wages were paid through DLR’s Work Experience program. He also earned necessary school credits because the hours he worked counted toward his internship class at school.

Preston successfully completed 367 hours of work experience and New Standard Fabricators offered him a full-time position as a welder. He completed all his high school coursework and graduated from Hanson High School in May 2020.

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