Lauren - A Career Launch SD Success Story

Posted on November 25, 2020

Lauren participated in the internship program through Career Launch as a senior at Yankton High School. Looking to gain experience in the business industry, she met with her Career Advisor Tara before the semester.

As a young entrepreneur, she had started programs to meet needs she had seen, including a program to allow children and incarcerated parents to stay connected by collecting donations of tape recorders and children’s books so parents can read stories to their children.

Lauren has had a goal and a plan for her future from the start: to study Business Administration and Pre-law at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her plans did NOT include moving back to South Dakota after completing her education.

Then Lauren interned at Applied Engineering. Every time her Career Advisor checked in with her, she said she loved the well-rounded experience she was getting and the people she was working with. Near the end of her internship, Lauren’s attitude and language began to include the phrases “If I move home…” or “When I come back…” She realized she had incredible opportunities in Yankton as well as connections and a company that recognized her potential.

“It was a great experience and I learned so much from them,“ Lauren said. “With the help of Tara, I have grown so much as a student. And I know for a fact that if I ever need a reference, I can definitely count on her.

“My internship didn’t end the way I wanted it to with COVID-19 shutting down the plant at the beginning of April. However, my boss Julie Oien (who is a great mentor) told me if I ever need a job, I would always have one with them. The president of the plant also agreed with her and it made my day!”

“I have learned so many useful tips and tricks for my future! This program is priceless, and I will never regret taking this class! I just have to say thank you to everyone involved in my success story and hopefully this class will produce many more as well!”

Applied Engineering Human Resources Manager, Julie Oien said “Our partnership with Yankton High School and SD DLR led us to Lauren and her desire to learn more about the business world. We were able to utilize her brilliant talent while providing her with an experience that highlighted some of the opportunities Yankton’s manufacturers have. Lauren made sure she was involved in all aspects of our business to learn as much as she could, making her time at Applied Engineering a huge success for Lauren, her coworkers, and the company.”

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