How to Discover Your Career Path

Posted on June 24, 2020

“Entering the workforce can feel intimidating.” If this describes you, that's okay because we're here to walk you through it. Career Launch SD has everything you need to get onto the right career path — and people to help you do it.

Make a map

Every journey begins with plotting a course. Whether you are driving across the country or heading to the gas station down the street, you set a course to get there. Whether using your cell phone’s GPS, or remembering the turns you take to get there, you are planning out your journey.

Plotting a course toward a satisfying and meaningful career is no different. Maybe you already know where you are going and could use a little help determining the most efficient path. Maybe you don’t know what your destination is, you just know something is out there for you. Career Launch SD has a program for those who know where they’re going, those who have no idea, and everyone in between. Connect today with a Career Advisor to start your employment plan (or map) to get you where you want to be.

Career exploration

Career exploration is the first stop on your journey to career satisfaction. If you aren’t sure what opportunities are around you, what types of careers best match your interests, or where your skills and aptitudes can be best used, start with career exploration. Career Advisors have the tools and assessments to help you better understand yourself and find the career that’s a great fit for you.

Direct engagement with employers

Reading or hearing about a career is one thing, how about actually trying it on for size? Career Launch SD has vast connections with employers across the state. Your Career Advisor is ready to help you connect directly with employers in the fields interesting you most. Meet face-to-face with employers through informational interviews or job shadows. Try your hand at a career and even get paid through an internship, or help us help you get a foot in the door through programs like on-the-job training. Contact a Career Advisor today to learn more.

Here to serve you

If you’re looking for a job, looking to advance in your current career, wanting to enhance your employability, or just curious about the career opportunities near you, Career Launch SD has something for you. The time to start your journey toward career success is now. Don’t wait, connect with us today.